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Welcome to the home of girl-on-girl facesitting, wrestling, catfighting, and smothering. The site provides half hour videos of girl-on-girl, and some girl+girl-on-girl catfights by sexy girls. Our content is 100 percent exclusive to and shot and produced in-house in the UK.

Mistress Whiplash / Nikki

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About Me


I am an experienced professional Domme who has been involved in the industry, both sessioning and in femdom productions, since ~2000. I am fun, but also strict when it matters and very much enjoy making my visitors suffer.

I have a very large private space in northern Hampshire which, as well as a well equipped dungeon and a schoolroom, also contains domestic rooms such as living room, bedroom, office to ensure that any fantasy roleplay can come to life!

I have a serious footwear fetish and have built up a huge collection of gorgeous shoes and boots over the years. Along with the footwear I also have an equally huge collection of fetishwear and beautiful clothing and lingerie and can cater for pretty much any taste! Slaves are welcome to visit my dressing room and browse what is available...

As well as single sessions with myself, I also session together with a number of my Dominatrix friends including Miss Jessica, Miss Lina, fetishdoll/Miss Dawn, and others.

I also produce videos for all the websites linked immediately below.

If you would like any information that isn't listed here, please contact me via the contact form on the main site.

MistressWhiplash / Nikki

The most recent 20 videos from the site are listed below.

cf1123 : Rich Bitch

Posh Tiffany tells off her maid Chloe for climbing on the bed to dust the lampshades. Chloe doesn't appreciate being talked down to by her rich bitch boss, so shows her what "commoners" are capable of by wrestling her into humiliating submission. Tiffany is soon brought down a peg or two when she's being facesat and scissored by Chloe, who is not a maid to be messed with! (Duration 20m22s). Published Wed Nov 26 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1122 : Achieving Zen

Chloe asks her yoga teacher Sophia when she might achieve a state of Zen. Sophia scoffs that she doesn't think someone like Chloe will ever achieve Zen, so Chloe finds her very own inner peace by wrestling Sophia onto the floor and scissoring, pinning and facesitting her into submission! (Duration 20m34s) . Published Tue Nov 18 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1121 : Quit Before You Start

A new office is opening and Chloe and Tiffany arrive for their job interviews - the only problem is, they've worked together before and cannot stand each other! The thought of having to work together again is just too much to bear, so the girls fight it out to see who will stay for an interview, and who will leave, defeated! Lots of sexy scissorholds, smothering and facesitting. (Duration 20m23s). Published Thu Nov 13 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1120 : Copy Cat

Chloe's been copying Sophia's homework again, and Sophia's not having it! She comes out of detention and straight to find Chloe so she can punish her for getting her into trouble! Chloe gets pulled to the floor by her long pigtails and scissored, facesat and squashed until she's learnt an important lesson. Both the girls look really cute in their uniforms and white panties as they grapple on the classroom floor. (Duration 20m07s). Published Thu Oct 30 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1119 : Boob Envy

Cate catches Chloe bitching on the phone about her and her big boobs. She is not going to allow her cruel friend to be so mean, and has no trouble overpowering her and pushing the huge boobs in question into her face to smother her. Powerful Cate keeps the upper hand for most of this fight, which sees Chloe being humiliatingly facesat, pinned, scissored and smothered repeatedly into Cate's wonderful boobs as Cate points out how much smaller and less good Chloe's boobs are in comparison! (Duration 19m16s). Published Thu Oct 16 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1118 : Copy Catfight

Catfights between Chloe and AJ are always sexy and exciting and this one is no exception! The girls have both come to work in the same sexy leather outfit and only one of them can stay dressed in it. They grapple on the floor, pulling clothing off and scissoring and facesitting each other. Will AJ's superior strength win out again? Or will Chloe and her bitchy fighting spirit win through? Sexy scissoring, smothering, camel clutches, hair pulling, pinning and squashing. (Duration 20m24s). Published Thu Oct 2 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1117 : Hard Work

Chloe has given Cate the simple task of restocking the stationery, but Cate has been sitting around drinking tea and reading Cosmo instead. Chloe is not impressed, so takes immediate disciplinary action by wrestling Cate down onto the floor and scissoring, smothering and humiliating her until she agrees to work harder in future! This video - Cate's first ever catfight - is really entertaining and sexy. (Duration 20m06s). Published Thu Sep 18 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1116 : Fight For It

Holly and AJ both want to go to the gig with Jessica, but there are only two tickets, so only one of them will get to go. The girls decide to settle it by fighting for it, with Jessica as referee. They strip down to their lingerie and wrestle each other energetically, both determined to win their place at the gig. Jessica looks on with interest and shouts encouragement as the girls grapple on the floor, scissoring, topless breast smothering, facesitting and pinning each other over and over until a winner is found. (Duration 18m51s). Published Thu Sep 4 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1115 : I'm Stronger Than You!

AJ and Chloe both look gorgeous and very fit in their lycra gym outfits, but AJ reckons she is much stronger than Chloe, so challenges her to a fight. The ladies begin with an arm wrestle, then decide to have an out and out wrestling match on the gym mats! Things don't go very well for Chloe, who soon finds herself on the receiving end of AJ's superior wrestling skills as she gets scissored, smothered and pinned into submission! (Duration 21m42s). Published Thu Aug 21 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1114 : The Borrower

If there's one thing you want to avoid, it's pissing off Antscha by borrowing her favourite dress without asking, as Ari is about to find out! Muscly blonde Antscha has no trouble overpowering redheaded Ari and subjecting her to a humiliating defeat in a display of her amazing skill and strength. Both ladies look fabulous in their skintight rubber dresses as they grapple on the floor. (Duration 19m44s). Published Thu Aug 7 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1113 : Oiled And Dangerous

Viktoria takes on busty Zsuzsa in this outdoor competitive bikini oil wrestling match. Both ladies are extremely strong and skilled professional wrestlers and this is an exciting fight as a result as neither wants to lose! The fact that the ladies' perfect bodies are oiled up and slippery adds even more sex appeal as they grapple ferociously in the warm sunshine. (Duration 20m48s). Published Thu Jul 24 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1112 : Phone Snoop

Chloe catches Ayla going through her phone and looking at her private pictures and messages. She sets upon Ayla to make her apologise and promise not to do it again - but she will only accept the apology once Ayla has been suitably humiliated in this pretty one-sided wrestling fight which Chloe wins easily. Lots of sexy scissoring and facesitting as Chloe breaks Ayla down and makes her take humiliating photos of herself to prove she won't ever make the same mistake again. (Duration 21m06s). Published Thu Jul 10 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1111 : Why Don't You Work?

Strict boss Antscha doesn't tolerate laziness from her employees, and has a very hands-on approach to staff discipline! Her secretary Ari is today's victim, and she is overpowered and wrestled into submission right there on her office floor. As always from these two skilled wrestlers this is a great fight with lots of excellent holds and scissoring. (Duration 19m09s). Published Thu Jun 26 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1110 : Cock Fight

Chloe and AJ always get turned on when they fight each other, so we thought we'd give them some vibrating strap-on cocks to wear for this fight! The loser is going to be made to suck the winner's cock, so there's a lot at stake and the girls fight energetically! Lots of sexy facesitting, schoolgirl pins, scissoring and smothering, not to mention a few illegal moves as cocks and fingers are shoved where they shouldn't be! (Duration 21m11s). Published Thu Jun 12 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1109 : Up All Night

Chloe has kept her housemate Rebekah up all night with the sound of her drunken sex. Now it's morning and Rebekah wants her revenge before she goes to work so she wrestles a topless and exhausted Chloe into total submission. This is a very one sided fight as Chloe is weak from all the shagging, so Rebekah has no problem throwing her about like a ragdoll and putting her into all kind of punishing wrestling holds. Plenty of sexy facesitting and breast smothering, as well as camel clutches, schoolgirl pins and of course head and body scissoring. (Duration 21m00s). Published Thu May 29 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1108 : The Bailiff

Becky the bailiff has an order to seize all Chloe's valuables, but Chloe isn't the kind of girl to allow such a thing to take place! She wrestles the bailiff to the floor and a violent catfight breaks out between the two ladies, both equally determined they are going to win! Lots of sexy grappling, scissoring, facesitting and bitch fighting from this energetic pairing! (Duration 20m27s). Published Thu May 15 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1107 : Sluttish

Holly has been on a hot first date but doesn't take kindly to housemate Dynamo's insinuations that she's a slut. The girls are soon having a vicious wrestling catfight on the sitting room floor - and it's one of the best we've seen in a long time! Loads of exciting grappling and wrestling moves from the girls as they give eachother hell for our viewing pleasure! A five star catfight. (Duration 20m36s). Published Thu May 1 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1106 : Catsuit Calamity!

Nikki has been planning to wear her tight black catsuit for her shift for ages, but Jessica has stolen her idea and is wearing the same thing! Nikki is determined not to let her get away with it, so wrestles her friend down to the floor and begins a fight to strip her out of it and make her change into something else! Jessica struggles to get free but Nikki is just too strong for her as she scissors, pins, facesits and wrestles her into submission! (Duration 19m32s). Published Thu Apr 17 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1105 : A Wealth Of Experience

Chloe is disgusted to find that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with an older woman, who is waiting for him in her bed! Becky is unimpressed that Chloe insults her age, but points out that the experience she has is obviously a lure to Chloe's boyfriend and a bitchy wrestling catfight breaks out. Lots of bitchy insults fly between the girls as they grapple on the bed - head and body scissoring, facesitting, pins, and lots of thigh to thigh and ass to ass action! (Duration 19m26s). Published Thu Apr 3 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

cf1104 : It's No Secret

A super-sexy clothes-ripping catfight between buxom beauties Rebekah and Ayla - who is upset that Rebekah has told everyone about the slutty gangbang she had! The girls have soon ripped off almost all their clothes but just keep on fighting on the living room floor, scissoring, facesitting, topless boob smothering and grappling until they are exhausted. (Duration 20m29s). Published Thu Mar 20 2014.
This is just one of 222 videos published on this website.

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